Take control of your expenses and save money

Track your expenses

  • Upload easily your tickets, paysheets and invoices to Zyfro: from your computer, smartphone or create them trought a bank transaction.
  • All your expenses in one place, under control and digitized.
  • Classify them according to departments, suppliers or projects.
Expenses control

Mobile App: Ticket Hunter

  • With our Mobile App it is very easy to snap and upload your reciepts.
  • Never forget to record a receipt and start saving money.
  • Set your wallet free: don’t keep your tickets, snap them.
Mobile app to upload tickets

Classify your expenses

  • Tag your expenses as you wish: use the default categories or you can add or edit them according to your needs.
  • Your expenses consistent with accounting and you won’t notice it.
  • Now you can easily define which are your business’ main expenses.
  • Know how much money you spend every month, quarter or year.
Expense classification

Save time introducing your expenses

  • Zyfro gives you the chance to replicate expenses easily with just one click: this way you will not waste time creating the same invoice every month.
  • Create recurring expenses with the frequency you need.
Recurring expenses, duplicate invoices

Export and import your daybooks

  • Import and export your expenses so you can hold/keep/save them in Zyfro.
  • Download your daybooks to a spreadsheet, ready to be delivered to your bookkeeper.
  • Download in a compressed file all your reciepts so you can print it or send it to your bookeeper.
Import and export expenses