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  • ¿How do you connect Prestashop with Zyfro?

¿How do you connect Prestashop with Zyfro?

To connect Prestahop with the Zyfro plugin, you must first create your account. If you are already a customer, just sign in your account. Secondly, download the module for Prestashop from ModuleShop.

Into your Prestashop’s account, go to “Modules and services” and filter by Zyfroin the searcher. Install to start the process and clic in configuration once it is installed. You will need your credentials from the Zyfro API, which you will find in the Zyfroapplication, in the integrations tab. Activate the API and copy and paste both keys in the Prestashop tab. Once you have entered the API keys, you can select the Demand Status, which will allow you to synchronize both accounts and generate an invoice in Zyfro with your existing sales in the Ecommerce.

¡All done! You can start now. Now an invoice will be created automatically for each payment received in your online store. In this way, you will have all the income of your ecommerce organized and archived in one place.

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