Plugin invoicing Prestashop Zyfro


The Prestashop module automatically creates an invoice for each payment you receive in your online store. This allows all of the proceeds from your ecommerce to be organized and archived in the same place.

Download the Quipu module from Prestashop Addons

Download from PrestaShop Marketplace

How to set up the plugin with Zyfro

  • Sign into your Quipu’s account or sign up if you aren’t already a client
  • Into your Prestashop’s account, go to “Modules and services” and filter by Quipu in the searcher.
  • Install to start the process and click in configuration once it is installed.prestashop_modules_invoicing
  • You will need your credentials from the Quipu API, which you will find in the Zyfro application, in the integrations tab.Quipu_Prestashop_invoice
  • Activate the API and copy and paste both keys in the Prestashop tab.Prestashop_module_invoiceinstall_Prestashop_Quipu
  • Once you have entered the API keys, you can select the Demand Status, which will allow you to synchronize both accounts and generate an invoice in Zyfro with your existing sales in the Ecommerce.configure_prestashop_addons_modules

Settings keys Zyfro plugin

  • When asked about API keys, find your Zyfro account
  • If you have not already done so, access your configuration and fill out your tax information to generate invoices with your data.
  • In the Account Settings section of your Zyfro account, click on the tab “Integrations”
  • You will see that you have two available API keys that are necessary for the Prestashop module: "App ID" and "App Secret."Quipu_Prestashop_invoice
  • Copy and paste these keys into the according fields, Key and Secret API.

Set the invoice numbering series

  • If you already have invoices created in Prestashop, Zyfro will automatically sync with them and recognize the numbering series. The only thing you have to consider is that if any invoice numbers have zeros, Zyfro will delete them and adapt the format. For example, if you have a bill in Prestashop numbered # FACT.00451, Zyfro will transform it into the number FACT-451 and continue the series.
  • However, if you have no bills because you just started your online store, Zyfro will create a default and continue consecutively with each new bill

Setting the numbering series for credit notes (invoices)

  • If you already have invoices, Zyfro will recognize and store them with the same number, adding an R in front to differentiate the corrective invoices from the rest. For example, the corrective invoice 15 will be R15 in Zyfro.
  • Similarly, if you do not have any corrective invoices, Zyfro will create a new set for them by default.

Import my invoices on Zyfro

  • Invoices that you previously created in Prestashop can also be integrated with Zyfro to unify all your billing.
  • All you have to do is enter the Zyfro module, and your Prestashop will configure. Once there, look for the section at the bottom called ”Synchronize Existing Bills From Your Shop With Zyfro” and there click on the ”Synchronize Your Ecommerce With Zyfro Now.”
  • If you generate a bill out of prestashop, you can also manually enter it in Zyfro.

Now, your Prestashop store is connected with the Zyfro plugin to organize your billing. For each payment you receive in your account from now on, an invoice will be automatically generated and stored in Zyfro. In this way, you can download it, send it to the customer, or manage it as you need, and all with the correct numbering.

Don’t forget that Zyfro not only serves to bring you income, but you can also upload your expenses to monitor the finances of your online store. Lastly, Zyfro also stores the taxes that are accumulated over the quarter and create your taxes models automatically.

Visualize your Ecommerce’s situation and manage your invoicing automatically.

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