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The Zyfro invoice module for Prestashop automatically creates an invoice for each payment received in your online store.You will have all the income of your ecommerce organized and archived in one place. Try it now for free and without compromise!

Zyfro’s module for Prestashop

The Zyfro module for Prestashop allows you to automatically synchronize all your invoices from your Prestashop online store with your Zyfro’s account, so you can save time and improve the efficiency of your admin tasks.

How does the invoicing module for Prestashop works?

For every order placed in your Prestashop Ecommerce, an invoice will be created in your Zyfro’s account. You will have all the invoices of your Ecommerce centralized.

Además, desde Zyfro tendrás acceso información actualizada sobre las ventas de tu tienda online desde cualquier dispositivo, para que puedas conocer siempre que quieras el estado de tu Ecommerce.

Test the Zyfro’s module with Prestashop

Follow the following steps to test the Zyfro’s module with Prestashop:

  • Create a free account on Zyfro, if you don’t have one yet.
  • Test the Zyfro’s module for Prestashop for free and without commitment by clicking here and access using the following information:
    • User:
    • Password: demodemo

How to synchronize the Zyfro’s module in your Prestashop Ecommerce

Install and synchronize the Zyfro’s module for Prestashop will not take you much time and If you have any doubt, you can always contact our support team, that will help you during the installation and configuration process.

How to connect the Zyfro’s module with your Prestashop Ecommerce

You just have to follow the following steps to synchronize the Zyfro’s module with your Prestashop Ecommerce:

How to install the Zyfro’s module in your Prestashop Ecommerce

  • Into your Prestashop’s account, go to “Modules and services” and filter by “Quipu” in the searcher.
  • Install to start the process and click in configuration once it is prestashop module
  • You will need your credentials from the Zyfro API, which you will find in the Zyfro application, in the integrations tab.Settings Zyfro Prestashop
  • Activate the API and copy and paste both keys in the Prestashop tab.Settings Zyfro PrestashopConfigure Module Prestashop
  • Once you have entered the API keys, you can select the Demand Status, which will allow you to synchronize both accounts and generate an invoice in Zyfro with your existing sales in the Ecommerce.Configure Plugin Prestashop

How to set keys Zyfro plugin

  • When asked about API keys, find your Zyfro account. If you have not already done so, access your configuration and fill out your tax information to generate invoices with your data.
  • In the Account Settings section of your Zyfro account, click on the tab “Integrations”.
  • Allí verás que tienes disponibles los datos “App ID” y “App Secret” que son los mismos que te pide la configuración del módulo de Zyfro en Prestashop.
  • Settings Zyfro PrestashopCopy and paste these keys into the according fields, Key and Secret API.

How to set the invoice numbering series?

  • Si ya tienes facturas creadas en Prestashop Zyfro cogerá las series de numeración y las seguirá de forma correlativa. Lo único que tienes que tener en cuenta es que si alguna numeración tiene ceros a la izquierda, Zyfro los eliminará y adaptará el formato. Por ejemplo, si en Prestashop tienes la factura con número #FACT.00451, Zyfro la transformará en el número FACT-451 y seguirá la serie.
  • However, if you have no bills because you just started your online store, Zyfro will create a default and continue consecutively with each new bill.

How to set the numbering series for credit notes (invoices)?

It works just like the previous point. In case you have already created, Zyfro will transfer them with the same number, adding an R in front to differentiate them as rectifying invoices of the rest. For example, the rectifying invoice 15, in Zyfro will be R15. In the same way, if you still do not have any rectifying invoice, Zyfro will create a new series for them by default.

Importar mis facturas a Zyfro

  • Invoices that you previously created in Prestashop can also be integrated with Zyfro to unify all your billing.
  • All you have to do is enter the Zyfro module, and your Prestashop will configure. Once there, look for the section at the bottom called ”Synchronize Existing Bills From Your Shop With Zyfro” and there click on the ”Synchronize Your Ecommerce With Zyfro Now.” If you generate a bill out of prestashop, you can also manually enter it in Zyfro.
  • Once connected your Prestashop Ecommerce with Zyfro, you can forget about the invoices of your Ecommerce.
  • Una vez conectada tu tienda online Prestashop con Zyfro, ya puedes olvidarte de la facturación de tu tienda online. Por cada pedido que recibas en tu cuenta a partir de ahora, se generará la factura correspondiente y se guardará en Zyfro. De esta manera, podrás descargártela, enviarla al cliente o gestionarla como necesites, y todo ello con la numeración correcta.
  • On Zyfro, you can manage your Ecommerce incomes and upload your expenses to do a situation analysis of your Ecommerce. Have visibility about your Ecommerce invoicing and manage your invoices automatically.
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