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Zyfro plugin for WooCommerce creates the corresponding invoices for the paid orders directly in your Zyfro account, without having to do so manually, and also allowing an up-to-date and centralized invoicing as well as filling taxes files automatically.

Use the button below to download our WooCommerce plugin. Then follow the instructions below.

Download from

How to set up the plugin with Zyfro

  • Download the plugin here.
  • Go to your Wordpress dashboard and, on the left side click on the “Plugins” plugin woocommerce quipu
  • Click in “upload plugin” and search for where you have downloaded (it is a .zip file), or search for it in the plugins store as “Zyfro”.
  • Once done, go to the “WooCommerce” section on the left and select “Settings”, then “Integrations”.plugin woocommerce quipu
  • As you can see, the plugin asks you for API keys and sections that you have in your Zyfro account:

Settings keys Zyfro plugin

  • Get inside your account or sign up here.
  • Go to basic settings of your Zyfro account and fill out your tax information.
  • Go to the “integrations” tab inside the settings section.invoicing taxes plugin woocommerce
  • Here you have the API key and the secret that you must put in your WooCommerce (WooCommerce → Settings → Integrations)

Set the invoice numbering series

  • This section refers to the numbering series. On one hand, if you have been always using a numbering series, you must enter it here to continue with this numbering series. Thus, Zyfro will always respect it for each created invoice.
  • If you do not because you're starting, Zyfro will create a default one and will be using it correlatively
  • If you indicate a numbering series that is not created in your account, do not worry, the plugin will create it automatically in Zyfro.

Setting the numbering series for credit notes (invoices)

  • Just like with the regular numbering series: if you already have a numbering series for credit notes (invoices), write it here.
  • Once done, all credit notes (invoices) generated, either partially or completely, will automatically appear in Zyfro

Import my invoices on Zyfro

  • You can also synchronize all your previous bills to keep them at Zyfro:
  • If you already have paid orders in your WooCommerce, please fill out a new numbering series here (it will only be used for these ones) in order to account for them as invoices and click on “sync”. They will appear automatically in Zyfro.
  • If you already have invoices and tickets but are not at Zyfro, import them manually in order to have everything centralized.

Set the VAT number on your bills

  • By definition, WooCommerce does not save the customers VAT number, so when an order is generated the information will not be sent to Zyfro.
  • However, if you want to have it, Zyfro works with a WooCommerce plugin (the most used for this function): EU VAT NUMBER, and you can download it here.
  • Once connected, all invoices will correctly enter in your Zyfro account.

Your Zyfro plugin for WooCommerce is now ready! From now on, every time an order is paid successfully, you will receive the invoice directly in your Zyfro account, ready to send it to your client or to manage it as you need.

Furthermore, you will be able to upload all your deductible expenses, manage your contacts and automatically fill taxes. All these processes are automatic so that you spend the least possible time doing invoicing for your online store.

If you need more help or do not find your answers here, please write us.