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Create invoices, upload expenses and connect your bank account to automate your business data, reports and optimize optimize the workflow with your bookkeeper

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  • Get updated information about your results
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  • Improve processes with your bookkeeper
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Upload your data in a easy way and visualize the status of your business thanks to the data processment. How does it work?

Upload the information

All you have to do is create invoices and quotes, upload your expenses and connect your bank account to inform Quipu about what is happening

Automatic processing

Your information is processed by Quipu and automatically accessible to be validated by you or your bookkeeper, who you can invite for free.

Results and integrations

You get reports and graphs of your business in real-time, thanks to the automatization and the integration with your bookkeeper.

You can allow access to your bookkeeper for free or we can or we will find you one that suits your needs in Quipu.

Create or import documents and data

  • Income Invoices and quotes
    You can create and send from Quipu or you can import them, as you prefer.

  • Business Expenses
    Upload your invoices in pdf to Quipu or use our mobile application to take photos of your tickets and we can extract the information and post it.

  • Banking connection
    By synchronizing your account to Quipu, you can have visibility of all your banking movements in real time

Create or import your documents and data
Procesamos tus gastos

We process your expenses

Once uploaded on Quipu, we extract and process the information.

Tu gestor valida la información

Your bookkeeper validates the information

Free access to your bookkeeper. If you don’t have one, we can look for one.

Conciliación y remesas bancarias

Bank reconciliation and remittances

Your bookkeeper or you can reconcile invoices with movements and prepare bank remittances.

Visualize your results and have your accountability ready

  • Information about your business in real time
    Get visibility into your business results at anytime and from any device.

  • Take better decisions
    With your data updated and verified by your bookkeeper in real time, you can take the right decisions to grow your business.

  • Integrate with your accountability software
    While you work with Quipu your accounting is completed at the moment and is integrated with your accounting program or your bookkeeper.

Visualize the results and have your accountability ready

Communicating with your bookkeeper has never been so easy


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Find bookkeepers
We look for the bookkeeper that best fits for your needs.

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