How to start or open
an online bookkeeping firm

What is Zyfro for bookkeepers and accounting services firms?

We’ve developed the bookkeepers account in Zyfro specially tailored for your needs.

You can use Zyfro for you and your clients normally so that your clients can manage their company and they won’t have to send you information anymore or print documents.

Tus usuarios podrán usar Zyfro de forma normal y compartir la información sin la necesidad de enviar ni imprimir ningún documento.

Which requisites should I have?

None. No setup, development or maintenance costs, you can start using Zyfro right now for free.

If you want to run an online accounting and bookkeeping company and you want to use Zyfro in order to make your life easier, get in touch with us and we will help you. You’ll see that with Zyfro is much more simple to start running a business and make your activity profitable from the very first day.

If you want a white label for your accounting firm, we will deliver it in a week. We implement it with all safety and security standards.

How can I integrate Zyfro in my firm?

Sign in into Zyfro and you can start using it now. From your account you can create users - freeelancers and companies - so that you can see how it works.

We advise you that what’s better is that you take a tour into the software. You will see by yourself how simple Zyfro is. You can also add a client so that you can try it for real with at least a user. It takes few minutes to discover Zyfro and you’ll quickly see how great the software is.

Muchos de ellos agredecerán que les faciliten un programa de facturación como Zyfro ya que ambos salís ganando. Si tenéis cualquier duda, ponte en contacto con nosotros, estaremos encantados de echarte una mano con lo que necesites.

Which are the benefits?
  • Reduce up to a 50% of your time that you spend processing your clients’ information
  • Increase your business productivity
  • Spend your time advising and offering more value-added services
  • Less paperwork. All the data digitized, in order and always available
  • Give to your clients a useful tool. They will understand better the administrative tasks and they’ll enjoy real time data
  • Turn your name into a brand and increase your web page visitors. You web will be the best showcase to sell other products
  • Keep the personal treat and improve communication: less costs, better workflow and flexibility
  • Remember, an online accounting firm doesn’t mean low cost. Is just a way to offer a better interaction with them
Which plans are there?

There are three plans

  • Pro: you and your clients into Zyfro in a very special price.
  • Web: your clients will enter to Zyfro through your web, the best showcase for cross-selling, offering other services.
  • Premium: use Zyfro under white label for your accounting or bookkeeping firm. Your clients will log into Zyfro through your web, under your domain name and everything under your brand. Turn your name into a brand.
How is the workflow with the client?

Less mails, less calls and less paperworks: all-in-one platform

  • Create an account for your client: He will receive a Zyfro account for free.
  • Your client process the information: Your clients will create incomes and upload expenses periodically. You can upload other documents as contracts.
  • Check out the information: You can accept or reject the information that your clients create. You don’t have to wait until the end of the quarter, do it on the run. You can always take a look on the activity log.
  • Pay the taxes: Una vez acabado el trimestre y verificada toda la información ya puedes presentar impuestos. Zyfro los completa por ti. Revisa la información y presentala desde Zyfro a Hacienda por los canales que mejor te convengan.
  • Integrated with your accountant software: Donwload Zyfro’s information and upload it to your accounting software, we are integrated and compatible with them.
  • Block the quarter: A the end of the quarter, block it, so that your client won’t upload or create new information in it. You and your client can download daybooks or documents at anytime: the information is yours.

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