What is Zyfro?

In the 10th century, the Arabs have adopted the Indian way of numbering. They’ve translated the word “Sunya” to “As-sifr” which means “empty”. And the Babylonians used it first, a little more than 200 B.C.

Their form of the figure 0 (Zero) was inside other figures. Not on the left, not on the right. The notion, and the Indian notation of zero were then used by Arab mathematicians who brought it to Europe.

In Italy, Léonard de Pise used the name “Zéfirum” that was in use until the 15th century. Later, the term got Latinised to “Zephirum”, and in Germany, it has been changed from “Sifr” to “Cifra”.

The English word “Cipher” has two meanings. “Cifra” in modern language and “cero” in its archaic form.

In the antique period, the calculations were performed by experts, however they often took a lot of time and were very costly.The merchants of this period had to pay their expenses to keep control and have valuable information about their business.

Thus, they discovered the new numbering system, they rapidly noticed the advantage it was offering them. The system was used in secret. This way, the word “Cifra” was used in a context of the secret sign. From there, came the words “Decipher” and “Cipher”.

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