Meet the team

Meet the team

We are a team based in Barcelona. We work on product development, and bringing it out to the world. We will be really pleased to meet you.
Ramon Santocildes, CEO at Zyfro
Ramon Santocildes


Roger Dobaño, VP Product & Marketing at Zyfro
Roger Dobaño

VP Product & Marketing

Albert Bellonch, Chief Technological Officer at Zyfro
Albert Bellonch

Chief Technological Officer

Kamil Jura, Lead UI/UX Designer at Zyfro
Kamil Jura

Lead UI/UX Designer

Pau Compte, Software Engineer at Zyfro
Pau Compte

Software Engineer

Maxim Novichenko, Developer at Zyfro
Maxim Novichenko


Jorge Peris, Developer at Zyfro
Jorge Peris


Henrikas Kuzmickas, Frontend developer at Zyfro
Henrikas Kuzmickas

Frontend developer

Ferran Rodríguez, Marketing Acquisition at Zyfro
Ferran Rodríguez

Marketing Acquisition

Nitya Fajardo, Inside Sales Account Manager at Zyfro
Nitya Fajardo

Inside Sales Account Manager

Judith Aguirrezabal, Marketing Executive at Zyfro
Judith Aguirrezabal

Marketing Executive

Ana de Fortuny, Inside Sales Account Manager at Zyfro
Ana de Fortuny

Inside Sales Account Manager

Amparo Zanon, Inside Sales Account Manager at Zyfro
Amparo Zanon

Inside Sales Account Manager

Rafael González, Sales Developer at Zyfro
Rafael González

Sales Developer

Emmanuel Saffré, Customer Success at Zyfro
Emmanuel Saffré

Customer Success

Guillem Molina, Customer Success at Zyfro
Guillem Molina

Customer Success

Tatiana Khoury, Business Developer at Zyfro
Tatiana Khoury

Business Developer

Gamaliel Toro, Senior Full Stack Developer - DevOps at Zyfro
Gamaliel Toro

Senior Full Stack Developer - DevOps

Aleix Reyner, Sales Developer at Zyfro
Aleix Reyner

Sales Developer